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Office: Wooten Hall 147

Cell: 940-597-4802



Dr. Kimi Lynn King is the faculty advisor, who dedicates her time and effort to foster an environment of legal scholarship and advocacy.

As one of the founders of AMCA, Dr. King has devoted her time at UNT to establish the team, and most importantly to maintain a family of legal scholars.


Office Hours: By Appointment

BIO: My name is Joanna Boyer and I'm a Sophomore working towards a double major in Political Science and English. This will be my second year on the UNT Moot Court team and I'm eager to work with new and returning members to make this year great. Moot Court has been a pivotal part of my life since high school and there is nothing I enjoy more than analyzing case law with my team. Outside of moot court, I like to go read, spend time with friends, and run. I'm looking forward to working with everyone this year!

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Office Hours: By Appointment 

BIO: My name is Abbegael Smith, I'm a junior earning a degree in International Studies with 3 minors. This will be my third year of Moot Court and my second year in an executive position. I cannot express how truly excited I am to meet, encourage, and help UNT's 2020-2021 Moot Court team in every way I can. I hope to be able to take my prior experience and foster an environment where advocacy can flourish. Outside of moot, I am currently in love with tea after enduring a hate-now love relationship for the past 20 years, the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, the nuances of Mandarin, and the tv series Teen Wolf. I can't wait to see what this year has in store!

abbegael smith

Office Hours:  By Appointment

BIO: My name is Ossmar Cardiel, I'm a junior and I'm currently pursuing a double major in political science and sociology. This will also be my third year on the team. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to give back and to help the team grow more this year! Outside of moot court, I like to go hiking, play guitar, and watch anime. I'm looking forward to meeting and working with all of you!


Office Hours: By Appointment 

BIO: My name is Esmeralda Lopez, and I am a sophomore pursing a double major in political science and history with a minor in Spanish. This is my second year on the team, and I can’t emphasize enough how excited I am for this season! Moot court has done so much for me, and I am so grateful to have the chance to give back to the program as an exec! Outside of moot court, I love watching Netflix, playing Minecraft, and wasting money at Spiral Diner. I can’t wait to work with this team to have a successful season!

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