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Ranked 12th in the Nation. 

UNT Moot Court is an undergraduate advocacy group that travels around the country to compete in American Moot Court Association (AMCA) competitions. Dr. Kimi Lynn King is the faculty advisor, who dedicates her time and effort to foster an environment of legal scholarship and advocacy. 

What is Moot Court?


Moot Court is “mock Supreme Court.” Every year, the American Collegiate Moot Court Association releases a case problem that reflects current policy and legal issues. Previous problems considered the constitutional rights of undocumented persons and the constitutionality of a 24 hour waiting period before an abortion procedure. Each team creates a legal argument for the case problem and travels around the country to compete against other teams in the simulation of a Supreme Court proceeding. The people who will be evaluating you at these competitions will be current law students, attorneys, and judges.

Why Should I Join Moot Court?

· Enhance Your Law School Application! The skills you learn as a member of Moot Court place you ahead of the curve to be a more appealing applicant to any law school. 


·Travel with the Team! Our Moot Court teams travel (all expenses paid) to various universities to compete against other nationally recognized teams. Our teams have qualified in the past for trips to Washington D.C., Boston, New Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago.


·Polish Your Oral Advocacy Skills! You improve your speaking skills and learn to communicate your ideas more effectively.


·Improve your Legal Reasoning! You will learn and study case law to form your arguments for competitions. You will also gain valuable knowledge about law and legal precedent.


·Develop a Network! At competitions, your panels of judges are current lawyers, law school faculty, or law students. As a competitor, you have the opportunity to impress those that may be a part of your future legal education and law career.

How can you join? 

Everyone who wants to be on the Moot Court Team must have a tryout.

Tryouts are a way for us to recognize not necessarily who starts off as a great speaker, or who understands how to read case law, but it is a way for us to recognize who has a commitment to being part of the team.


We highly stress that one should not worry about the tryout experience, as long as you are formulating an argument based on the case problem and we can see that you are trying.


Tryouts will be held from August 24th, 2020 through September 4th, 2020. 


After the two week tryout period, we will make decisions about who has made the team. This year, we are looking to fund a team of +12 members. 

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