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TUMCA Law & Policy Review  

TUMCA Law & Policy Review is a platform for current undergraduate moot court participants and TUMCA (Texas Undergraduate Moot Court Association) Alumni to engage in legal scholarship. Each issue centers on a topic that article submissions must discuss in some form. TUMCA aims to publish two issues each year. All past and current competitors are encouraged to participate in this opportunity to showcase brief pieces of work.



All submissions must discuss the upcoming issue topic in some way. This issue topic will be any area where legal issues arise with free speech. Writers may discuss historical or contemporary events. Additionally, submissions may discuss an individual case or a larger review of literature. Submissions can be informational, persuasive, argumentative, or opinionated, but they must all contain some form of research to back up their claims

Citation format

citation format

Submissions should try to follow legal Bluebook citation format. We understand that most of our submitters may have little to no knowledge concerning Bluebook citations. Please do not let this discourage you from submission. When you submit your article, we have editors who can format the citations and give you feedback. We only ask to see an attempt at the proper format.


Cornell offers a great website with examples showing how to legally cite different kinds of work:

Georgetown also offers a nice introduction to the Bluebook legal style of writing:

Examples of law review articles can be read on the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review website:


Additionally, you can observe examples of legal citation in the first issue of our TUMCA Law & Policy Review here. 

Submission length

Submisson length

The ideal submission will be 3-5 pages long. We will not discourage a longer length, but we ask submissions be a minimum of 3 pages-single-spaced, 12 inch font, 1 inch margins (Word format). While most law review articles are close to 20 pages or more, our law review is only meant to encourage a brief engagement in legal scholarship. 



All submissions must be sent to as a word document. Please note all submissions are not guaranteed publication. 


Students should include their name, year, email, cell phone number, and school in the submission.


Please email if you have any questions. We can't wait to see the talent of TUMCA affiliates disseminated and produced even further.



AUGUST 2019 - Exact date to be announced

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