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TCU Moot Court Team
13 Team Photo3 After Prelims
11 Team Photo- Courtroom

Welcome to the Texas Undergraduate Moot Court Association

This is  the archived site for TUMCA. Please see the the American Moot Court Association for all information about participating in undergraduate moot court events. TUMCA is no longer active.

Founded in 1993, TUMCA is the nation's largest moot court association, and holds two regional championship tournaments as part of the American Moot Court Association (AMCA). Students may also compete in written brief competition that is also part of AMCA.  At regionals teams qualify to compete in the national tournament held every January.  TUMCA also hosts multiple invitational tournaments throughout the year, and students can qualify for TUMCA annual awards by competing in two invitational tournaments and one regional.

Moot court allows part-time and full-time undergraduates currently enrolled in community or four-year colleges to engage in simulated legal arguments before a hypothetical appellate court reviewing a fictitious case. Typically the case involves questions about the U.S. Constitution, and it is drawn from hot topics in the federal and state courts. Unlike mock trial where students simulate a trial with a jury, students participating in moot court make legal and policy arguments on behalf of their clients. TUMCA's goal is to provide opportunities for undergraduates to test their research skills, knowledge of the law and forensic abilities in a competitive environment. Moot court provides perhaps our best pedagogical tool in preparing undergraduates for careers in law and policy.  Moot court students frequently go on to law school, graduate (including business) school, or the many career opportunities offered by governments, non-profit organizations, and interest groups.

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